Car Seat Headrest in the news – Dec. 2018

“Will Toledo, the 26-year-old who leads Car Seat Headrest, studied the 1990s scene that birthed Wilco and Low, and his knotty record “Twin Fantasy” (Matador) suggests he learned his lessons well. It’s a concept album about teenage alienation and desire, channeling fear and frustration in songs that simmer and then explode.”

–Mark Richardson in the Wall Street Journal, Dec. 18, 2018

“…the wit and passion of Toledo’s existential angst sound as fresh as ever.”

–Marc Hogan on Pitchfork, Dec. 17, 2018

“Through Toledo’s signature wry wit and an almost stream-of-consciousness vulnerability at times, “Twin Fantasy” 2.0 rides the emotional roller coaster and occasional awkwardness of young love — unrequited or otherwise — armed with a refined vision and cacophony of guitars.”

–Michael Rietmulder in the Seattle Times, Dec. 15, 2018

Twin Fantasy is the kind of album that teaches you how to listen to it while you’re listening to it, a dense, dizzying rock record that’s two parts Baudrillard, two parts Badfinger.”

–J. Edward Keyes on Bandcamp, Dec. 13, 2018

“It’s deeply personal music — music unconcerned about the scene around it or the acclaim it could earn — and that’s why it’s worth listening to.”

–Pryor Stroud on Pop Matters, Dec. 12, 2018

“The lyrics are first-class, clever and distinctive, and as you progress through the album the things to which Toledo speaks of begin to accumulate within you, opening up a new level of appreciation, or maybe understanding, of Twin Fantasy.”

Across the Margin, Dec. 12, 2018

“Twin Fantasy is an absolute best-case scenario for Car Seat Headrest fans, whether they’ve heard the original or not.”

–Corey Van den Hoogenband in Exclaim!, Dec. 4, 2018

“If every rock song was this immaculate, we’d call it ‘gold’ instead of ‘rock.'”

Paste Magazine, Dec. 3, 2018