Car Seat Headrest in the news, Nov. 2018

“The production quality of Car Seat Headrest’s rerecorded version of 2011’s Twin Fantasy adds to the clarity of the overall music, while its concerns and revelations are as complex and timeless as ever.”

–Lewis Wade on The Skinny, Nov. 26, 2018

“[Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales] is one of the most existentially satisfying songs of recent memory, a simmering pot into which to pour your resentments, internal and external, before letting the band rip that pressure valve right off and to let all of your troubles run free.”

–Max Pilley on musicOMH, Nov. 13, 2018

“As the walls dripped with sweat and the steam rose from an exhausted crowd, an old quote from an unlikely source (Ozzy Osbourne!) sprang to mind: ‘When people go to see a rock band they want to have their heart ripped out and handed back to them in a better condition’ – I’m sure most will agree that Car Seat Headrest had done just that.”

–Chris Hatch on Secret Meeting, Nov. 10, 2018

“It has been thoroughly exciting to see Car  Seat Headrest grow, not just in members, but from cult Internet darlings to one of the larger festival-crowd gatherings in recent years – and as they plough on through a tour supporting a remake of  Twin Fantasy, arguably their best record, we thought it only right to celebrate Toledo’s discography with a classic top 10 songs list!”

–Josh Adams on Transistor, Nov. 1, 2018